The New Voice of Brotherhood

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We have a new co-host! Jason van Dyke, the Director of Media Projects (I probably got that wrongly worded, but you get the idea) at the House of the Temple in Washington DC joins me on the show. The audio is a little rough, and the show is completely unscripted, but we are in the field during Masonic Week. This episode is a discussion that continues a national discussion on the idea of civility and what the hell happened to it. We'll talk about how to disagree as Freemasons and still preserve harmony. 

Let me know how you like the change. We'll be fine-tuning as we go, and the show may indeed morph some more, but this is an exciting episode for me and the show.

Also, if you are here in DC for Masonic Week, come find me on Facebook or drop me an email.


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