The New Voice of Brotherhood

In the world of politics and the permanence of the Internet, many in society believe the phrase "a leopard doesn't change its spots." we often regard changing our minds as a sign of weakness, of waffling or flip-flopping.

But the truth is, changing our minds is ESSENTIAL to personal growth and progress in society. Changing our minds is exactly what Freemasonry empowers us to do. Rather than a mark of weakness, it is instead a mark of wisdom, a mark of strength and a sign of beauty. In this episode, Eric and Jason are joined once again by brother of the show, Nicky Sampogna. Nicky was with us some episodes back, and had a change of heart about what he said. Rather than sweep it under the rug like we so often do in Masonry, Nicky agreed to share his perspective so that we could all benefit from his experience—and courage—in changing his mind.

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