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057: Sexual Orientation, the Craft and a Lot of Disclaimers

This is a controversial topic, but it doesn't mean we should shy away from subjects that are difficult to talk about. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that homosexual couples can be legally married in all 50 states. In other news, the recent change in gender of Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner to female (now called Caitlyn) has pushed questions of sexual and gender orientation into the sphere of public debate.

In this episode, I explore some of the difficult questions and implications these issues have for the craft:

  • Is homosexuality a moral issue as far as Masonry is concerned?
  • In an age of same-sex marriage, how does gender now define what it is to be a Masonic Widow?
  • What would happen if a Mason changed his gender to that of a woman? Would that person be obligated to resign from the Craft?

I'll weigh in with my perspective on these issues. My opinions are always my own and I do not speak for Masonry as a whole, nor for any official Masonic Grand Lodge or Appendant body.

I welcome all opinions and responses, provided they are on-topic and repectful. It is a discussion worth having in good faith. 


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