The New Voice of Brotherhood

The "Manbox" has recently been identified by sociologists and social psychologists as a set of social expectations surrounding masculinity. These attitudes and resulting behaviors are at the roots of toxic masculine behavior and make it more difficult for men to cope with a society that is embracing female empowerment. What's worse, these attitudes are responsible for a shocking range of male behaviors, from depression, to violence to suicide.

Companies and brands have started to look at the negative impacts of the Manbox and its effect on their target market— young men. But Freemasonry has, embedded in its DNA, a robust set of tools, rituals and traditions that can empower us to break out of the Manbox, and live lives that are our own, free from male stereotypes and unrealistic expectations. Jason and Eric discuss two interesting studies, one from Unilever and the other paid for by Harry's (the shaving company) that illustrate the global extent of the problem.

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