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Episode 3: Working For the Man This month's show is a Illinois Grand Lodge Special! but you don't have to live on a prairie, or even have an affinity for Lincoln to enjoy the show. We interview David W. Miller, Grandmaster of Illinois and ask him what we all want to know: what's it like to be the big Kahuna, le Grande Fromage, The Poobah? What's it like to be Grandmaster? Plus we introduce a new segment called Working Tools: cool tools on the web to make running your lodge a little easier. SHOW NOTES: 00:00:00 - 00:02:00 Intro 00:02:01 - 00:03:00 Getting help? 00:03:01 - 00:04:48 Shout out to Arcadia Lodge No. 249 In Ames, Iowa 00:04:49 - 00:13:54 Working Tools: Online tools to help manage your lodge; a review of BackPack and Ta Da 00:13:55 - 00:17:18 Music: Lullaby by Gidgets GaGa, available at Podcast NYC 00:17:19 - 00:48:18:00 Chapter 2: Interview with Grandmaster David W. Miller, Grand master of the M.W. Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois, A.F. & A.M. 00:48:19 - 00:53:45 Music: There She Goes by Brother Love, available at the Podsafe Music Network 00:53:46 - 01:16:37 Outro So usually there is a method behind my naming the show. This show titled "Working for the Man" was named becasue I thought that we all work in a sense for the Grand Master--he is our boss, right? ( generally speaking of course) After talking with Grandmaster Miller I have come to realize that it is he who works for us. The job of Grandmaster is tough. It is a lot of responsibility, a lot of miles to drive in a year and a lot of cranky guys to contend with. And not a lot of perks. Somehow a big gold collar and a fancy apron doesn't seem even close to the kinds of issues a GM must face every day to help keep us alive as a brotherhood . I always liked Dave Miller, but now I have a new and deeper respect for not only the man, but the office he holds. Fiat Lux! E The opinions expressed in this show are strictly those of X-Oriente and its editorial staff, and do not reflect those of any Lodge, Grand Lodge or appendant body. 10/6/05 12:00 AMSociety and Culture
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