The New Voice of Brotherhood
the 5th Annual Christmas Music Special Dedicated to the Ancient Designers (Freemasons) and the Modern ones (ID)
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It's here it's here! I've finally been off my bike long enough to finish the episode! It's riding season and I've been spending a lot of time on my incredibly fuel efficient (51MPG city) fast (100MPH +) and cool scooter. It got me interested in the biker lifestyle, specifically biker Masons, so I thought I'd visit some and discuss the biker lifestyle, Masonry and the intersection of the two. I spoke with W. Bro. Ted Hogan, president of the 3-5-7 Brotherhood Chapter of the Widows Sons International, a Masonic Motorcycle Association. And I learned a lot about what biker Masons are, and what they aren't. And at the end of the day I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of Masonic content they offer their members. If you are interested in joining the Widows Sons, you can find a chapter near you at widowssons.com. Ride Safe! Special thanks to Ted Hogan and the Brothers of 3-5-7 Brotherhood Chapter. You guys rock.
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Christopher Hodapp speaking at the Valley of Chicago's Scottish Rite Degree Day Feb 21, 2009.
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In this episode we look at the dynamics of small teams (that is "Committees" in Masonic parlance) and how understanding the dynamics of the life-cycle of teams can help make your team or committee run much more smoothly. We've also got some music that simply blew me away with its ingenuity and talent. Kutiman is an Israeli Musician, Producer and DJ who has put together music from unrelated videos found on YouTube. You can find his work on his site www.thru-you.com. We're playing the first cut off his collection called "The Mother of All Funk Chords."
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Another quick episode of some of the highlights of Masonic Week which took place in Alexandria, Virginia (Washington DC area)
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2 episodes in a week? Am I nuts? (Don't answer that!) Today's episode is a quick one...I was thinking about the legacy of our brother Dr. King, and my childhood, white guilt, putting a name to race, and Masonry and the inauguration tomorrow...and it was all swirling around in my head. So I decided to get it out onto an MP3 and share my thoughts with you and maybe spark some conversations between you and your brothers. Please share your thoughts and reflections too. And Happy MLKJ Day!
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Problem personalities in the Lodge and how to work harmoniously with them.
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