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Why is it so important that a Freemason believe in a Supreme Being? In this episode, Jason and Eric take the First of the Old Charges apart using PARDES to see why this requirement is so important and so misunderstood.

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This was supposed to be episode 93, but we had a bit of a snafu with the show numbering. So while it says 93 on the title, it is really No. 95. You'll get over it. In this episode, recorded back in January, Eric and Jason reflect on their Masonic New Years resolutions.

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During Masonic Week, Eric and Jason met up on Friday for a cookout lunch at the Grand Lodge of DC, where we were joined by Pete Normand. We thought it would be fun to do an episode about "Masonic Pet Peeves," and while we started with those intentions, the conversation went much deeper.

If you don't know who Pete Normand is, you should. He's one of those super-Masons, up there with guys like Rex Hutchens, Art DeHoyos, and S. Brent Morris. Bro. Normand hails from College Station, Texas, and we won't make you read his Masonic CV with all the accolades and honors he's received, but Eric at least is convinced that he has received all of them. But Pete is more than a bunch of lapel pins and titles. He's a maker--for years he published American Masonic Review, a Masonic newsmagazine in the days before blogs. He is a founder of St. Albans Lodge, one of the finer brotherly establishments in the Lone Star State. He is the Editor of The Plumbline, the newsletter of The Scottish Rite Research Society. He is an expert on the history of Freemasonry in Texas. He is truly committed to the betterment of the Craft and he has spent many years not just serving the Craft, but making stuff that makes Masonry better.

But to us, Pete is a friend and a mentor. Pete is one of the reasons that Eric travels to Masonic Week each year. Eric remembers his Masonic week discussions with Bro. Normand as a primary inspiration to start X-Oriente. He is generous with his insight and a dry wit, and completely down to earth. We're glad he agreed to share his time with us. We thought it made for good radio.

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In this episode, Eric has breakfast at Masonic Week with several podcasters including Mike "The Intern" Hambrecht, Jon "Big Data" Ruark, and Jason "The Mason" Richards of The Masonic Roundtable, and Frater O of Whence Came You? We talk about Masonic media in general, learn about how we approach things differently in Masonry, eat some eggs and bacon, and drink a lot of coffee. Pour yourself a cup and join us.

Jason Van Dyke could not join us due to a massive hangover. (Kidding! He was having a well-deserved break from the brethren.)

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