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It is that time of the year again, brethren! Time for the 3rd Annual X-Oriente Christmas Music Special! The pickings this year were slimmer than in the past, but I still found with some pretty decent selections. Please enjoy these and have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Music Selections "I'll be home for Christmas," by Twisted Sister "Merry Christmas Song" by Vanessa Van Spall "Looks Like Christmas." by Winzinreid, or the Hollywood Drunks "O Come All Ye Faithful," by Mary Ellen "Feels Like Christmas," by Rusty Bladen "Drinking Up Christmas," by The Dwarves "My Own Merry Christmas," by Geoff Smith
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After an abortive Episode 023, here is a classic Rudyard Kipling story to help us get back to what's important. New theme music too.
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There is a lot of controversy brewing in the Masonic world online. Here's some tips on how to navigate the blogosphere with dignity and respect.
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