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042: A Verdict In West Virginia

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The first in a series of shorter episodes on topical Masonic subjects, I'm calling "X-Oriente Dispatches." In this Dispatch, I comment on the recent verdict in the Frank Hass vs. the Grand Lodge of West Virginia case.

Just remember the disclaimer: I speak only for myself and not for any Lodge, Grand Lodge or any other Masonic body!

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We conclude our tour or the Sephirot from a Masonic perspective. In this episode we cover Chesed, Gevurah, Da'at, Tifaret, Netzach Hod, Yesod and Malkhut

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We continue the discussion of Kabbalah. In this episode we begin to focus on creation, the beginnings of light and how Kabbalaistic ideas intersect with Masonic ones.

Let me know your feedback, and please share this with your brothers!

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We are back! In this episode, we'll begin a multi-episode look at the basics of Kabbalah and how it intersects with Freemasonry. This is the real deal...we'll be looking at it from a very traditional perspective, with lots of Hebrew and lots of context. WARNING: We're getting a little bit into discussion of religion and spirituality if only to set context. 

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